The non-core facilities management services are the important backbone of your organisation and buildings. Facilities services encompass building management, building fabric, mechanical and electrical, cleaning, housekeeping, security, mail, catering, vending and they provide the window into your company’s culture and can create the first impression into the ethos of your status in the business community.

Getting it wrong will add unnecessary expense whilst getting it right is an absolute necessity, vital to the continued and successful growth of your business.

The Right Approach – Working Together

We offer a free initial meeting and discussion backed up by a short review and recommendations document that will offer a strategy to drive down costs whilst raising standards in service delivery. There after we offer competitive hourly and day rates that will be mitigated by the savings we generate for you.

Successful Solution

By becoming a business partner to you, we wish to understand your strategic direction and culture so as to provide a realistic framework for the future. In practice, this will enable us to work together to challenge the status quo and drive successful and sustainable change in service delivery that will ultimately drive down costs.

Successful Delivery

We ensure our working relationship supports your business objectives. These attributes ensure that we get on with the task in hand, whilst constantly challenging established ways of working. This inevitably leads to more intelligent and cost effective ways of doing things.

Please see the Corexis Consulting papers in our blog section below that discusses the approach to the interim and consultative markets.